All great projects follow a process!

Our web design process begins once we have taken on a project with a client, if you are looking to enquire about a project then the first step is to fill out out a project enquiry. Once we start the project we follow a set processes going through each stage of the project. These help us fully understand our clients needs but also help our client understand the steps involed in reaching their goals and their new website.

Web Design Process

1. Project Scope & Architecture

During this stage of the process, we look at the project goals and what is required to achieve them. What pages and features are required, any third party integrations we need information on and what content is required for the project. We set up a structure for the content which the client will then need to provide during this stage. We also develop a sitemap which shows all key pages of the website, their relationship to each other and the overall navigation of the website.

2. Website Wireframe

A wireframe is basically a skeleton view of the website. Think of it like a blueprint for a building, it doesnt focus on the design and colour but instead on the functionality. We ignore the distraction of colour, typography, photography and style and focus on the user journey.

We plan the content structure, the functionality and how the user will interact with the website. Once this has been signed off we then move on to the design stage.

Web Design Process
Web Design Process

3. Design

Now that we have a structure in place and know exactly what is going where we can start on the design. We look at the brand, fonts, colours, usability and target audience. The brand identity and how you want to portray the business is hugely important and knowing the target audience helps us with the design and the overall aesthetic during this process.

4. Development

Now we have a great design and layout we need to pull it all together and add great code! We set up the database and content management system and start working on the HTML and CSS. The functionality is added and we make sure everything is responsive and displays correctly across the various screen sizes. We also add any third party integrations and make the website SEO ready!

Web Design Process
Web Design Process

5. Testing

Once the website is finished we go through our website testing checklist. This is a procedure we have created where we go through a full checklist of things that should be done before your website is approved for launch. We do a final check on multiple browsers and devices, test any third party integrations like payment processing and check the website speed and load times. Once we are happy with everything we then submit the website to the client for sign off.

6. Launch

With everything signed off and ready to go we migrate the website to the live server and press the big green button! Your website is now live but just in case there are any unforeseen teething problems we offer a 30-day guarantee to fix any of those minor bugs that might become apparent when the site is in the public domain and being used daily.

Web Design Process
Web Design Process

7. Care Plan

Your website is now live and on the internet but it doesn't end there. Just like a car your website needs to be maintained and looked after to make sure it runs at its best. That's where our paid care plans come in. Just like any other software, there are updates that need to be applied to make sure everything stays safe and secure. We also make regular backups of your website and database so should anything ever happen we have everything in place to get your website back up and running as quickly as possible.