5 Web Design Trends For 2019

2019 is upon us and with the new year comes a whole set of new design trends which we think will make an impact in web design this year! In today's vast online world, creative web design and great user experience are a must have.

1. Mobile First

While responsive design already existed and meant a mobile-first approach was something many designers already considered, recent changes by Google have made it more a priority. In mid-2018 Google rolled out mobile-first indexing which was based on the prioritising of content and linking from mobile website pages over other devices which resulted in SEO benefits. This rollout will be carried over into 2019 and means designers will give priority to mobile versions of websites over other screen sizes. However, with more and more traffic to websites (over 50% of global website traffic) coming from mobile due to increased usage of smartphones, it means mobile first needs to be a priority to provide a better search experience, improved visual effects and a better mobile experience.

5 Web Design Trends For 2019

2. Full-Screen Video Background

Using video and movement is one of the best ways to grab the users' attention and keep them on the web page for a longer period of time, which also helps with conversion rates. Facebook recently moving towards prioritizing video posts is proof that video is a very effective medium. Short videos are also a better way to provide information compared to text or still images.

See https://idoc.mockplus.com/ for example

5 Web Design Trends For 2019

3.Chatbots/Machine Learning

In the last few years, communication and interaction with bots have become the norm. Facebook business pages in messenger begins conversations with a set of commonly asked questions and will respond with the relevant answer. Websites like those of mobile phone providers have been using them when you connect to a customer support agent.

Chatbots and machine learning enhance user interaction with a website, especially when integrated with autoresponder functionality. Your websites visitors can instantly begin to communicate and receive customer service creating a great user experience and starts your relationship with new potential customers off the right way. It also allows you to gather some initial information from potential leads which is then passed on to your sales team and gives them a starting point to convert leads to customers.

In 2019 the use of bots and machine learning with automation will continue to improve. Soon bots will have the ability to predict what your customer is looking for based on previous interactions and customer service will become more and more efficient.

5 Web Design Trends For 2019


4.Modernised Gradients

In the past few years, colour gradation has become more and more popular. One big brand who took this design style onboard was Instagram with their logo rebrand. At the time it wasn't a common style seen in big name brands but since then it has been more and more popular. Even single colour gradients integrated with images can create a visually pleasing experience. Another brand who have embraced the modern multiple gradient designs is Stripe as seen in the image below of their website.  The use of bright multicoloured gradients and bold illustrations will one of the big trends seen in 2019.

5 Web Design Trends For 2019


5.Large Creative Typography

Design is moving towards large, bold titles with short snappy messaging with the idea of capturing visitors attention fast and reducing the time to convert. Hero text will feature predominately and this will be followed by smaller sub-text copy expanding on the main heading. Font choice is also important and there is a movement starting to happen which is bringing back Serif fonts in an effort to stand out more from the crowd. A lot of brands have been using very bold, clean sans serif fonts prior to this (Air BnB, Google etc) but a number of brands have started to change their typeface in a rebrand (check out Mailchimp's new look) and have gone with a serif font instead, while alsocreating their own exclusive fonts to enhance their brand's recognition.

5 Web Design Trends For 2019

Those are the 5 trends in web design for 2019 - if you want more information on what we do then you can visit our web design services or if you are ready to go with a project then head over to our project enquiry page.

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5 Web Design Trends For 2019